group of professionals at the coaching in officeStrategic Planning

Our Strategic Planning consulting is a tailored process to help organizations plan for the future. Skilled facilitators guide the organization through a process which includes the development or revision of a mission statement, client and customer analysis, and review of products and programs. This process involves an assessment of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and identifies the most critical issues for your organization to move forward in a competitive and changing environment.

Team Building

Build on information and understanding using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to develop an effective team. An in-depth and interactive process is used to examine the current work environment and develop new strategies to move the skills and talents of employees and teams to a higher level.

Goal Setting

Setting the right goals keeps you in line with the strategic path of the organization. Many different factors can make your goal-setting experience complex. Our consultants are experts who help you to effectively set challenging, achievable goals that will take your organization to the next level.

Stakeholder Feedback

Do you want to know how your employees or customers view your organization? We can put together customized assessments for you that are designed to get this data in a timely manner.

Focus Groups

Public and private agencies need sound, qualitative information from the people they serve. Our trained professionals can develop and lead your focus groups. The results uncover answers to your questions with a detailed written analysis and personal debriefing of the results. Focus groups are useful for public and private organizations in identifying new markets, assessing client satisfaction, and evaluating the results of a program.

Program Evaluation

We can provide the program or service evaluation you need. Services are available that utilize both qualitative and quantitative research methods to assess the effectiveness of your program, product, or service. We work closely with you to provide useful information in a timely manner so that you can adjust programs and services accordingly. If you want results, these evaluation services are what you need.

Facilitation and Group Process Design

Decision making by groups is nearly always more time consuming and often proves challenging – yet most often the result is a higher quality decision and stronger decision “ownership.” Our consultants are highly trained and experienced facilitators who can help you design a group decision process and also provide neutral facilitation for group decision making related to problem-solving, conflict resolution or goal setting.

Nonprofit Board Governance Training

Excellence in the provision of community services begins in the boardroom. We offer learning opportunities for nonprofit board members to learn the distinct responsibilities of the board, especially as they differ from that of the chief executive officer. Our training offers board members have the opportunity to explore best practices in four areas:

  • Direction Setting
  • Decision Processes
  • Relationship Building and Management
  • Resource Stewardship and Development

We can also function as facilitators to help a board of directors determine changes it wishes to make in governance practices and policies.

Nonprofit Board Assessment

A high performing board of directors is committed to continuous improvement through periodically taking “time out” to evaluate the effectiveness of its practices. Our consultants have developed a written board assessment survey for this purpose. The assessment begins with individual board members completing a survey, the results of which are communicated in aggregate form to the full board. Survey results serve to springboard discussion among board members about the board’s strengths and limitations, and ideas for enhancing effectiveness. Our consultants can contribute ideas to this discussion and also serve as facilitators for the board’s decision making.

Performance Measurement for Nonprofit Agencies

No longer is it enough to simply tell others that you doing a great job. Funders are increasingly asking for proof. The demand for results-based accountability in the use of resources is a growing expectation from the individuals and groups that give funds to nonprofit agencies. Use our consultants to help identify, track and report the key outcome measures that will tell your success story.