Human resources, social networking, assessment center concept, personal audit or CRM concepts - recruiter complete team by one person. Employees are represented by wooden cubes with icons.FAQ: City and County Manager/Administrator Recruitment Services

1. Why would an elected governing body want outside assistance with recruiting a chief administrative officer?

  • Selection of this administrative and community leader is among the most important decisions elected officials will make. Most have little or no experience with such specialized recruitment and recognize the high stakes in making the right selection decision. Increasingly governing bodies seek outside support to advise on technical aspects of recruitment and facilitate agreement at each stage of the recruitment.

2. How can the Austin Peters Group assist with the recruitment process?

Basic steps in supporting an effective recruitment process include:

  • Drafting a recruitment profile, a 12-15 page document that establishes and conveys governing body agreement on qualifications for the position, information about the organization and community, and elements of recruitment process.
  • Assisting with marketing the position.
  • Serving as chief point of contact for all applicants throughout recruitment.
  • Screening applicants based on recruitment profile (includes preliminary vetting).
  • Preparing report recommending finalists to governing body based on profile.
  • Conducting vetting process on finalists and interviewing references.
  • Assisting governing body in preparations for legal, effective candidate interviews.
  • Observing candidate interviews and offering advice as requested.
  • Offering advice on negotiating an employment agreement with preferred candidate.

Optional services favored by some clients include:

  • Conducting stakeholder focus groups (employees and/or citizens) to seek their advice on qualifications and qualities desired in a new Manager/Administrator.
  • Assisting with managing media and community communication throughout recruitment.
  • Staffing and facilitating a Citizen Screening Committee appointed by the governing body and charged with reducing the candidate pool and recommending finalists.
  • Moderating finalists’ presentations at community and employee forums.
  • Providing technical assistance and facilitation to develop performance goals for the new Manager/Administrator.

3. How do our recruitment advisors add value to the process?

  • We understand local government and the needs of elected officials – our associates all have worked in local government management and have advanced public administration degrees. We have consulted with hundreds of local elected officials and understand their interests and respect their obligations.
  • We understand the local government management profession and what is important to the most qualified candidates. One of our associates has worked as a City Manager; another has managed a professional education program for city/county managers.
  • Our sole focus is on the needs and interests of the governing body. We give each client our undivided attention and loyalty. We are not a head hunting firm and do not represent those seeking city or county management positions.
  • We provide exceptional facilitation skills. We are trained and experienced in facilitation, and understand the value of establishing agreement among governing body members at each stage of the recruitment.
  • We give attention to every detail. Clarity, accuracy, and professionalism are important in all communication with candidates. We assist the organization in “putting its best foot forward” in order to attract the most qualified candidates.