Employee Strategy DiagramFederal Law Compliance Review

Services include a review of all employment documentation and development of strategies to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended, Equal Employment Opportunity, Civil Rights Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, and Family and Medical Leave Act.

Employee Handbooks

Every employer needs to provide guidelines and direction for employees in human resource planning, human resource policies and human resource development to ensure fairness and equity in employment policies and practices. A tailored employee handbook covers the essentials of hiring practices, employee relations, benefits, compensation, promotion, performance review, and grievance procedures.

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are an important tool for employers to communicate the expectations and competencies of each position. Well-drafted descriptions are also invaluable in defending Americans with Disabilities Act Amended, Workers Compensation, Family Medical Leave issues. Why? Because the essential functions of the job have been identified.

Human Resource Audit and Human Resource Compliance

Do you ever wonder whether you follow appropriate records access procedures or whether you appropriately calculate overtime rates of pay? Let our experts walk you through a process to identify the most common types of issues that might get overlooked on a day- to- day basis.

Local Government Executive Search

We ensure that you attract higher quality candidates by assisting you with selection criteria and advising you on the many factors affecting the hiring a new employee.

Performance Evaluation

Do you have trouble moving employees to the next level of performance? Have you found that saying “good job” only goes so far? Maybe you have managers or systems in place that unfairly reward one employee over the other. Let us train your staff and implement an employee performance evaluation system that is fair to all and gives employees the timely and important feedback they desire for improving their performance.