EEO-1 Component 2 Client FAQ’s 8/7/2019

I thought it might help to summarize some common questions we’re are getting from clients regarding EEO-1 Component 2 report preparation and the moving target of information (still fluid and subject to changes) –


  1. Is September 30, 2019 firm? Yes, the EEOC’s Chief Data Officer in charge of the project told me (9/30/19) it is a firm deadline last week when we had lunch together. The judge may order it to stay open, but the EEOC intends to close it asap.
  2. What if I haven’t received my letter yet? Call the HelpDesk to speak with NORC staff at 877-324-6214. Staff is available Monday through Friday 8AM to 7PM CST. Or send your question to via email to
  3. Where do I find my NORC issued ID? It is in your letter or email sent by NORC (the EEOC’s contractor at the University of Chicago) to you July 15th. You should have received a reminder email TODAY (8/7/2019) with this information again.
  4. When does the portal to upload CSV files open?  Mid-August (next week).
  5. When will APG have my data back to me for uploading?  Our goal is a 48-hour turnaround back to clients, but if everyone waits until the last minute this doesn’t work. So first come first serve. And remember, please provide clean data …garbage in/garbage out!
  6. Will this likely continue next year? Yes, likely according to many national lawyers (so be thinking about how to pull this again Oct 1-December 31, 2019 snapshot timeframe).
  7. So even though my snapshot is between October 1 and December 31 of 2017 and 2018 respectively, I only report on those employees for the snapshot I chose? Yes.  So, people terminated before my snapshot are not included?  That’s right.  So, people hired after my snapshot are not included? That’s right.  And my snapshot could be different each of the two years? Yes. And my snapshot doesn’t have to tie to the EEO-1 reports already filed? Yes, that correct.
  8. From where do I pull hours worked? The reporting uses the FLSA definition, see Fact Sheet #22: Hours Worked Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  Note – FLSA hours worked generally do not include paid leave, such as sick leave, vacation leave, or paid holidays.  See the FAQ,
  9. From where do I pull wages? You also pull the snapshot employee’s year-end W2 Box 1 income.  This gets provided to APG for pay band calculations. “Box 1 – Wages, tips, other compensation” of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form W–2 (hereafter ‘‘W–2 Box 1 income’’) as the measure of pay for Component 2.
  10. If I have an earlier template from APG where you ask for part time, full time, job code, job title, hire and termination date, do I need to include it in my final file to APG, No.  We are only asking so we can help make sure you are not over reporting by having people hired after your snapshot date in the file upload, or terminated before your snapshot date in the file upload, etc.
  11. Status code.  Do I provide APG the status code? Yes. You provide all the status codes to us except a 2-Consolidated status code as the help desk has told us those reports will be automatically generated.  If that changes, we will handle on our end prior to you uploading the data.  Where do I find the status codes? Look at your EEO-1 filings. Although be mindful of the 50 employee threshold (meaning your answer could be different on the upload component 2 versus what you put in your most recent EEO-1 filing).
  12. What is Question D2. Essentially does the establishment have a “federal” contract or is it exempt.  Should answer 1 – Yes if you have a federal contract at the establishment, 2 – No if you do not have a federal contract at the establishment. Okay this is kinda granular, but you see where this is headed for future audit selection purposes by OFCCP.
  13. Where do I find my Unit Number? Look at your recent EEO-1 Survey.
  14. What do I do if people don’t voluntarily self id? Here is the EEO-1 Survey Fact Sheet Answer, “The preferred method of identification for the race/ethnicity categorization of employment data is self-identification. Employers are required to attempt to allow employees to use self-identification to complete the EEO-1. If any employee declines to self-identify, employers may consult with employee-provided information when on-boarded or the employer may use visual observation.”
  15. Why do I need help summarizing and tabulating data from APG? Well each person goes into one of over 4,000 cells of information and to overcome this hurdle for our clients APG hired programmers specifically to tabulate and summarize data.  We have successfully produced the outcome for the upload.  The portal opens for upload mid-August.


Helpful links again—being updated all the time