Affirmative Action FAQ


What is affirmative action planning?

Each government contractor or sub-contractor with 50 or more employees and $50,000 or more in government contracts is required to annually develop a written affirmative action program (AAP) for each of its establishments.

A written affirmative action program helps the contractor identify and analyze potential problems in the participation and utilization of women and minorities in the contractor’s workforce. This involves, among other things, completing in-depth analysis of the employer’s current workforce in comparison to the available labor market to identify the underutilization of protected classes. Completing an in-depth analysis of its total employment process is also required.

If there are problems, the contractor will specify in its AAP the specific procedures it will follow and the good-faith efforts it will make to provide equal employment opportunity.

Expanded efforts in outreach, recruitment, training, and other areas are some of the affirmative steps contractors can take to help members of the protected groups compete for jobs on equal footing with other applicants and employees.

Penalties for non-compliance may include “debarment” from receiving future contracts, or modification or expansion of existing contracts.

How can we help with the affirmative action planning?

We provide a streamlined method for helping you meet your Affirmative Action obligations:

We can produce for you fully compliant Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP) affirmative action plans and develop strategies to help your company comply with federal requirements and provide training programs to redress identified deficiencies.

The plan development process takes two-three hours of the employer’s time, and the written affirmative action plan is returned to the employer in three-four weeks.

We assist with meeting AAP obligations that go beyond the plan itself taking the mystery out of the regulations. We support you during audits. We act as virtual coaches, providing on-site or telephone assistance to prepare you and support you through the audit process.